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After the end of socialism in Eastern Europe at the end of the 1980s, new travel opportunities opened up in Europe. Tourism now plays an important role in many Eastern European countries. Nevertheless, Eastern Europe is still largely unknown to most Germans. On this page I have compiled some information for Germans who want to discover Eastern Europe on their own.

The Kremlin, probably the most famous building in Eastern Europe

This website cannot replace other travel guides in book form. It is not comprehensive enough for that. Rather, it serves to give the reader a first impression of Eastern Europe. This Eastern Europe travel guide also contains many tips on traveling to this largely unknown region.

We always try to keep this page up to date. Unfortunately, we have only partially succeeded in doing so in recent years. If anyone has suggestions for improvement, finds errors or has better information, I would be very happy to receive an e-mail.

More information will be added over the next few years. Of course, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information.

Lake Bled in Slovenia