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Sights in Belarus, arrival/connections in the country and further information for tourists in Belarus

Belarus borders on PolandRussiaLithuania and Latvia. The country is considered the last dictatorship in Europe. The President of Belarus Alyaksandr Lukashenko is accused of, among other things, election fraud, human rights violations and strict media censorship.

Belarus is rarely visited by tourists. One of the reasons is the entry requirements: You need a visa, which is difficult to obtain (you need an invitation or proof of accommodation, among other things) and you have to register with the police in the country (information as of 2018).

Arrival / connections in the country

Traveling to Minsk by train is possible. if you have a visa, easy. From Berlin there is a daily direct connection and around 4 other connections with a change in Poland or Brest (journey time to Minsk around 18 hours). Buses to Belarus can be booked with Touring. These run frequently and are cheaper than the train. There are flights to Minsk from various German airports.

Cheap accommodation is available in Belarus, but difficult to find and book in advance. You usually have to book a more expensive hotel to get a visa anyway. Some operators offer organized bus trips through Belarus.

Sights Belarus

You can hardly find any world-famous sights in Belarus. There are few tourists in Belarus. Most western visitors can still be found in the capital of Belarus, Minsk, and in the large city of Brest on the Polish border.

The many sights in the old town of the capital Minsk are worth a visit. The large communist buildings and squares are also interesting, although not necessarily to everyone’s taste. Brest has more sights to offer. The city is known for its museums and churches, especially the Church of the Resurrection. Nature lovers will get their money’s worth in Belarus. Due to the sparse population and low economic development, the country is heavily forested. Many animals such as bison, wolves, moose and storks that are (almost) extinct in Central Europe are native to Belarus.

Belarus information

Resident 10 million
Area 205.000 km²
Inhabitants / km² 49 (rather sparsely populated)
Capital city Minsk
Language Belarusian (about 80%), Russian (about 12%)
religion Orthodox (about 80%), 8% Catholic
currency Belarusian ruble
gross domestic product 1200 US dollars / inhabitant (mediocre in Eastern Europe)
Visas Yes, it’s difficult to get, even for transit trips you need a visa
Area code of Germany 00385
Internet addresses .by
Vehicle license plate BY

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