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Although Bulgaria is more known for its mountainous terrain and historical sites, it also has a beautiful Black Sea coastline. The Bulgarian coastline stretches for approximately 378 kilometers (235 miles) and is characterized by sandy beaches, lively resorts and charming coastal towns. Here is an overview of the Bulgarian coast:

Black Sea Coast: The Bulgarian coast stretches along the western coast of the Black Sea and offers a varied landscape of sandy beaches, rocky cliffs and picturesque bays.
Major coastal towns and resorts:

Varna: Also called the “sea capital” of Bulgaria, Varna is a large coastal city with a rich history and a lively atmosphere. It is famous for its archaeological sites, cultural events and the Sea Gardens, a large park along the coast.

Burgas: Burgas is another important coastal city and an important port and economic center. The sea gardens of Burgas are a great place to relax and the city offers a variety of cultural attractions and modern amenities.

Sunny Beach:  This resort is one of the most famous places on the Bulgarian coast. Famous for its long sandy beaches, lively nightlife and numerous hotels and resorts, Sunny Beach (Sun Position) attracts tourists from all over Europe.

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Golden Sands: Located near Varna, Golden Sands is another popular holiday area known for its golden sandy beaches and mineral springs. It offers a variety of leisure activities and entertainment options.

Nessebar – UNESCO World Heritage Site :  Nessebar is a historic town on the Bulgarian coast that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is famous for its well-preserved medieval architecture, including churches, fortresses and traditional houses.

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Beaches: The Bulgarian coast offers a mix of secluded natural beaches and organized beaches with facilities such as beach bars and water sports. The sand is generally a fine golden color, making it an attractive destination for beachgoers.

Cultural and historical attractions: In addition to the natural beauty of the coast, there are numerous cultural and historical attractions. Ancient ruins, fortresses and charming old towns contribute to the region’s cultural wealth.

Activities: Visitors to the Bulgarian coast can enjoy a variety of activities including swimming, sunbathing, water sports, hiking and exploring historical sites. In the summer months, the coastal towns can enjoy a lively nightlife.

Summer tourism: In the summer months, many tourists flock to the Bulgarian coast, especially to the popular holiday resorts. Thanks to its warm climate and diverse tourist attractions, it is a popular destination for travelers seeking both relaxation and adventure.

With its combination of natural beauty, cultural heritage and modern amenities, the Bulgarian coast offers a diverse and attractive destination for domestic and international travelers.

Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach is a popular resort on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria. Sunny Beach points are as follows:

Location Sunny Beach is located about 35 km north of Burgas, Bulgaria’s second largest city. It belongs to the municipality of Nessebar.

Beaches and Resorts Sunny Beach is one of the largest and most famous beaches on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Sunny Beach is a major tourist destination with a wide range of hotels, restaurants, bars and entertainment options.

Attractions: Although the main attraction is the beach itself, there are a variety of activities and attractions around Sunny Beach. Enjoy water sports, boat trips and varied entertainment. The nearby historic town of Nessebar is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is worth a visit for its well-preserved medieval architecture.

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Nightlife Sunny Beach is known for its vibrant nightlife with numerous bars, nightclubs and beach parties that attract tourists looking for a lively and social atmosphere.

Summer Destination: Sunny Beach is primarily a summer destination, with the tourist season typically lasting from late spring to early fall. During the peak summer season it is full of tourists from all over Europe.

Golden Sands

Golden Sands is another popular seaside resort on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. :

Location Golden Sands is located north of Varna, Bulgaria’s main coastal city.

Beaches and Resorts: Like Sunny Beach, Golden Sands is known for its long, wide sandy beach. The resort is surrounded by lush greenery, including a natural park.

Attractions: In addition to the beach, Golden Sands offers a variety of leisure and entertainment options. The Aquapolis water park is a popular attraction in this area. The Alaca Monastery, a medieval rock-cut monastery, is also nearby and worth a visit.

Nightlife Golden Sands offers a lively nightlife with numerous bars, nightclubs and beach parties. The resort is aimed at tourists looking for both daytime relaxation and evening entertainment.

Tourism Season: Like Sunny Beach, Golden Sands is a summer tourist destination and the tourist season usually lasts from late spring to early fall.


Burgas is the fourth largest city in Bulgaria and an important cultural and economic center on the Black Sea coast. Below are the main points of Burgas:

Location Burgas is located on the west coast of the Black Sea in southeastern Bulgaria. It is the capital of the state of Burgas.

Economy It is an industrial and economic center focused on industries such as oil refining, petrochemicals and transportation. The port of Burgas is one of the largest and busiest ports on the Black Sea.

Tourism: Although Burgas is an industrial city, it also attracts many tourists, especially from the Black Sea coast. The Sea Garden (Morska Gradina) offers green spaces, promenades and recreational areas along the coast and is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike.

Transport Burgas is well connected by road, rail and air. Burgas Airport is the region’s transport hub.

Sea Garden The Sea Garden is a large seaside park with gardens, sculptures and leisure facilities providing a relaxing environment. It is a popular place for both locals and tourists.

Lakes in Burgas The city of Burgas is surrounded by several lakes, including Lake Burgas and Lake Atanasovsko. These lakes are important for biodiversity and are protected.


Varna is a city on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria and the third largest city in Bulgaria. Here are some points about Varna:

Location Varna is located on the east coast of Bulgaria on the Black Sea. It is an important port city and a popular tourist destination.

Economy: Varna is an important economic and cultural center. Various industries such as tourism, shipping, manufacturing and trade play an important role.

Port of Varna: The city is home to the Port of Varna, the largest and busiest port in Bulgaria. The port is an important transport hub for goods from home and abroad.

Tourism: Varna is a major tourist destination with beautiful beaches, historical sites and cultural attractions. Sea Garden, a large park along the coast, is a popular spot for locals and tourists. There is also a vibrant nightlife and a variety of entertainment options.

Ruins: Varna has a rich history. Evidence of ancient civilizations has been found in the region’s ruins. The Chalcolithic necropolis of Varna is one of the most important archaeological discoveries in Europe.

Cultural institutions Varna has museums such as the Varna Archaeological Museum, the Naval Museum and the Natural History Museum. These museums showcase the region’s history, maritime heritage and natural biodiversity.

Festivals and events Varna hosts numerous cultural events and festivals throughout the year. Famous cultural events include the Varna Summer International Music Festival and the Varna International Ballet Competition.

Transport Varna has good air, sea and land connections. Varna Airport offers both domestic and international flights and is easily accessible by road and rail.

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