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Sights Albania Top 10, arrival / connections in the country and further information for tourists in Albania.

The small country north of Greece on the Adriatic is one of the poorest countries in Europe. It attracts few tourists. During the communist era, Albania was isolated in Europe after the break with the Soviet Union in 1961. Friendship was made with the People’s Republic of China.

In 1990, as in many Eastern European countries, the revolution and the decline of the communist regime followed. However, democratization and economic recovery are making slow progress.

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Albania is the only Muslim country in Europe

Due to the poverty in Albania, many Albanians live abroad. Although the economic conditions have improved in recent years and the gross domestic product has grown by 5-7 percent per year in some years, Albania is not given a chance to join the EU in the next few years (as of 2017). After all, at the beginning of 2011 the visa requirement for Albanians wishing to enter the Schengen states was abolished. Albanians can now travel much more easily.

You cannot reach Albania by train. The country has an international airport called Rinas near Tirana. There are daily flights to this airport from Germany. The easiest way to get there from Germany with a backpack or car is to take the ferry from Italy. There are several weekly ferry connections from Trieste, Bari and Ancona to the Albanian port of Durres. There are border crossings (road) from Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Greece.

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Sights Albania

Entry is usually quite unproblematic. The roads in Albania are poorly developed and there are no signposts in many places. You are not very prepared for tourists.

From Corfu (a holiday island in the north-west of Greece) there are ferries and organized day trips to Albania. You can now travel from Corfu to Albania without an organized tour. Ferries run daily from Corfu Town to Saranda. Saranda is a port city in the south of Albania with around 30,000 inhabitants. Saranda now lives mainly from tourism, even though many visitors still come from Albania. If you are in Saranda, you should definitely visit the ancient ruined city of Butrint – one of the most interesting sights in Albania. Albania is still inexpensive. An interesting destination for real travelers.

Tirana: The capital of Albania is the center of the country. If you meet foreigners in Albania, it’s usually here. There are some good museums (the National History Museum in particular is a sight) and a beautiful old town. In the south of Tirana Albania you should see the fortress of Pertrela and in the center the great Ethem Bey. There are some inexpensive accommodations for foreigners in Tirana. A good place to stay for backpackers is the Tirana Backpacker Hostel. It was the first youth hostel in Albania. A bed cost around 12 euros a night in 2012.

Berat: The city nestled in a mountainside is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a top attraction in Albania. The castle of Berat Albania and the many churches and mosques are absolutely worth seeing.

The architecture of the houses is a sight in Albania for many visitors

Gjirokastër – City of Stones:
Gjirokastel is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a city where time seems to have stood still. Admire the well-preserved Ottoman architecture of the old town, enjoy panoramic views from Gjirokastel Castle, and discover the birthplace of famous writer Ismail Kadare.

Gjirokastër in Albania old town

Butrint – UNESCO World Heritage Site:
Discover the rich history of Butrint, an ancient city with Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Venetian influences. Explore the ruins, marvel at the well-preserved theater and explore the baptistery with its impressive mosaic floor.

Llogara Pass:
Experience the breathtaking beauty of the Llogara Pass, a winding mountain road with panoramic views of the Albanian Riviera. Enjoy the Mediterranean breeze as you drive through Rogala National Park, where you can hike and picnic.

The Kusamil Islands:
The idyllic Kusamil Islands with their crystal clear waters. Relax on pristine beaches, explore caves and experience the untouched beauty of this coastal paradise on a boat trip.

>>>  Great day trip by ship from the island of Corfu (Greece) to Albania: Click here

Durres: The second largest city in Albania is located by the sea. The ferries from Italy arrive here. The city is connected to Tirana by a railway line. Until a few years ago, this was the only train connection in all of Albania. There are several seaside resorts on the Adriatic coast around Durres. The beaches in this part of Albania can certainly compete with other beaches on the Mediterranean, but there are still only a few tourists from Germany or other western countries.

Valbona Valley National Park:
Nature lovers will be enchanted by Valbona Valley National Park, a pristine alpine region in the Ackersud Mountains. Hike scenic trails, visit the Valbona Pass and experience the hospitality of local inns.

Siri i Kalter (Blue Eye):
Experience the enchanting beauty of Siri i Kalter (Blue Eye). This unique natural wonder is surrounded by lush vegetation.

TetH – Bergdorf Retreat:
Escape to the remote village of TetH, nestled in the Albanian mountains. Explore the iconic Church of Teth, hike to the Blue Eye of Teth and experience the warm hospitality of the guesthouse, which offers a glimpse into traditional Albanian mountain life.

Rozafa Castle:
Complete your Albania trip with a visit to Rozafa Castle near the town of Shkodra. This ancient, legendary fortress offers panoramic views of Lake Shkodra, the city and the surrounding mountains from its vantage point.

Albania information

Resident 2.8 million
Area 29.000 km²
Inhabitants / km² 97 (fairly densely populated)
Capital city Tirana            More information here
Language Albanian
religion mostly Muslims, a lot of atheists, Christians
currency Lek
gross domestic product 6500 American dollars / population in 2023 (one of the poorer countries in Europe)

If you are staying for up to a month, a passport is sufficient.

Area code of Germany 00355
Internet addresses .al
Vehicle license plate Al

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