Riga Central Market

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The market in the center of the Latvian capital was founded in 1930 and has established itself as one of the largest and most diverse markets in Europe. This guide takes you through the colorful stalls, rich history and delicious flavors that characterize the Riga Central Market. In some statistics it is the largest market in Europe, at least we have never seen a larger one. Have a more beautiful, larger and more interesting market than ever before!

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Riga Market History

The market was originally built in a German Zeppelin hangar after the First World War and its architecture sets it apart from others. Discover how the market has evolved through economic and political changes. Explore the iconic pavilions, each with its own story, and learn about the significance of this cultural landmark.

Riga Market Gastronomy

From fresh produce to artisan cheeses, this market is a foodie’s paradise. Experience the local gastronomy of Latvia by tasting traditional Latvian dishes such as peas with bacon (very tasty) and the famous rye bread. Connect with friendly vendors who are passionate about sharing their culinary expertise. Learn more about the ingredients that make up Baltic cuisine. Our recommendation:  Book a tour of the great Riga Central Market:  More information

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Riga market souvenirs

Embark on a shopping adventure and explore the market’s many stalls selling everything from handicrafts to antiques. Browse locally made wool products at the clothing pavilion or purchase unique souvenirs such as handicrafts. At this market you will find products for every taste, from ceramics to modern fashion. Haggling is possible, soaking up a piece of Riga’s vibrant culture.

Amber jewelry: Latvia is famous for its amber, often referred to as “Baltic gold.” Browse stalls selling beautifully crafted amber jewelry, including necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Our recommendation:  Book a tour of Riga’s amazing Central Market and try 20 foods:  More info

Linen: Latvia is also known for its high quality linen and offers a wide range of linen products including tablecloths, napkins and clothing. Look for locally made products with traditional designs.

Wood.Products: Experience the rich tradition of Latvian woodworking by purchasing handcrafted woodwork. Look for intricately carved spoons, bowls and figurines.

Ceramics: Discover unique Latvian ceramics with traditional patterns and designs. Items such as tableware such as plates and bowls. .

Knitwear and wool: Latvia is a country with a strong knitting tradition, and here you can find cozy wool items like socks and scarves. Intricate patterns often reflect Latvian tradition.

Food: Pack things with the taste of Latvia in your suitcase, such as Riga Black Balsam (a traditional herbal liqueur), local honey, and unique Latvian chocolate.

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Areas Riga Central Market

Riga Central Market is divided into several areas, each offering unique products and experiences. Different products are offered in each of the large pavilions of the former Zeppelin halls. The main sections you can explore are:

Vegetable Pavilion: Explore this section and immerse yourself in a sea of vibrant colors. Fresh fruit and vegetables from the region are a feast for the eyes and mouth. Connect with local farmers and traders to learn about seasonal produce and traditional farming methods.

Meat Pavilion: Meat eaters can try a variety of meat, sausages and typical Baltic pickled delicacies in the Meat Pavilion. Experience the rich taste of Latvian meat and discover traditional specialties unique to the region.

Milk Pavilion: Enjoy Latvia’s dairy products, from artisan cheeses to creamy yogurt. Interact with knowledgeable vendors who can guide you through the different types of dairy products and share great stories about the local dairy industry.

Fish Pavilion: A highlight of Riga’s Central Market for many visitors. Sample a selection of fresh and smoked fish that showcase Latvia’s coastal geography. Immerse yourself in the world of the Baltic Sea and local fish.

Bread Pavilion: Follow the intoxicating scent of freshly baked bread and discover a variety of baked goods. From traditional rye bread to sweet pastries, you can sample a variety of breads at this pavilion, a carb lover’s paradise.

Gourmet Pavilion: Enrich your dining experience by discovering gourmet and specialty dishes. Discover unique spices, oils and other delicacies to add a touch of Latvia to your cuisine.

Non-Food Pavilion: Go beyond the food and explore stalls selling non-food items. From clothing and textiles to handicrafts and antiques, this pavilion is a treasure trove for shoppers.

Flower Pavilion: Surround yourself with the beauty of fresh flowers and plants.
This section is not just for those with a green thumb, but is a visual treat for anyone who loves beautiful plants.

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Outdoor market: There are outdoor stalls behind the covered pavilion.
Here you will find a wide range of products, from clothing and accessories to antiques and souvenirs.

Food stalls and cafes: Throughout the market you will find stalls and cafes selling ready-to-eat local food. Take a break and try some Latvian street food or enjoy a cup of coffee while soaking up the market atmosphere.

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