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Poland is the largest of the new EU members. The country has more inhabitants than all the other nine new members that joined the union in 2004 combined. Almost everything has changed in the country in the last 25 years: the cities have been renovated, the old state-owned companies have been closed and a lot of money has been invested in the Polish economy from abroad. The country experienced its economic miracle in the 1990s. There is a lot that is interesting for tourists in Poland. Although tourism has grown significantly, Poland still deserves a lot more tourists. The country has plenty of interesting cities and beautiful nature to offer. Nevertheless, Poland is little known as a holiday destination.

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Arrival / connections in the country

With the Eurocity you can easily reach Poland from Germany. There is a train from Berlin to Posnan and Warsaw approximately every 2 hours. There are also busy routes from Dresden to Wroclaw.

The Czech Republic, Lithuania, Slovakia, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Austria and Hungary can be reached directly from Poland by train. The many private buses that go to Poland are usually cheaper from Germany (e.g. Especially on the German side you save a lot of money compared to Deutsche Bahn. In Poland there are train connections and buses to all major cities. The stately PKP railway ( tends to be better in the western part of the country and the buses in the east. Both the trains and bus services are reliable and cheap. Local transport in Polish cities is mostly very good.

Video Top Sights in Poland (YouTube. English)

Sights Poland Top 10 in 2024

Warsaw: The Old Town of Warsaw is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This award prompted the Warsaw city fathers to extensively renovate the old part of the city. You should definitely see the Royal Castle (Zamek Krolewski) and the market square in the old town (Rynek) as well as the largest museum in Poland (the National Museum – Museum Narodowe).

Krakow: In Poland they say: visiting Poland without Krakow is the same as not having been to Poland. The old royal city with the largest old town market in the world, the castle and the tower of St. Mary’s Church that towers over the city simply has to be seen to be believed.

The Renaissance style of the entire Old Town has made Krakow world famous. The Old Town of Krakow is probably the biggest attraction in Poland.

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Tatra Mountains / Zakopane: The mountain resort of Zakopane is Poland’s summer excursion destination and winter sports resort at the same time. The successes of Polish ski jumpers have made the resort very famous in Central Europe in recent years. the two famous jumpers are Adam Małysz and later Kamil Stoch. This means that many German and Austrian winter sports enthusiasts can now be found in the Polish Tatra Mountains.

The Tatra is a small but high mountain range. The mountains are up to 2650 meters high. This is only 300 m less than the Zugspitze, the highest mountain in the German Alps. Poland shares the Tatra Mountains with Slovakia.

Gdansk: The Hanseatic city is the largest city in Pomerania. Gdansk is a city full of history, even in the last century. World War II began here in 1939. The Polish trade union Solidarnosc (Solidarity) with its leader and later Polish President Lech Walesa come from Gdansk. St. Mary’s Church in the old town is the largest brick church in the world. The Brigittenkirche, where Solidarity was founded in 1970, is also interesting. The monument to the fallen shipyard workers commemorates the beginning.

Masuria: The largest lake landscape in Europe is one of the most beautiful nature reserves in Eastern Europe. Hikers, cyclists and canoeists will get their money’s worth here.

There are thousands of lakes in the Masurian landscape

The Masuria seemed to me like a film from the 50s. The villages, the people and the landscape seem to have stood still in time. You can even sometimes see farmers working their fields with horses.

Discover Wroclaw, a city known for its picturesque islands and enchanting bridges. Visit the Market Square, admire the colorful facades of the Old Town and make a wish at the famous Wroclaw Fountain. Explore Ostrov Tumski Cathedral Island for a tranquil getaway.

Białowieża Forest:
Nature lovers can find solace in the Białowieża Forest, a UNESCO World Heritage-listed jungle on the border of Poland and Belarus. Home to the European bison, this forest has unique biodiversity and offers the opportunity to explore nature trails through pristine landscapes.

Explore the well-preserved medieval city of Torun, the birthplace of famous astronomer Nicholas Copernicus and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Stroll through the Old Town, visit the Gothic Town Hall and try Torun’s famous gingerbread.

Your journey to Poland ends in Czestochowa, home of the Jasna Gora Monastery, an important pilgrimage site. Visit the revered icon of the Black Madonna housed in the monastery and experience the spiritual atmosphere of this historic sanctuary.

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Poland information

Residents of Poland 40 million
Area of Poland 312,000 km² (almost as big as Germany)
Inhabitants / km² 128 (dense population for Eastern Europe)
Capital of Poland Warszawa (Warsaw)
Language Polish
religion Roman Catholic, religion plays a big role
currency Zloty
gross domestic product $13,500 per capita in 2014 (above average in Eastern Europe)

No, only ID card, Poland is a member of the EU

Area code of Poland ++48
Internet addresses .pl (many addresses end with
Vehicle license plate PL

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